Welcome to Kim Massay Dance Productions

Congratulations to Kim Massay Dance Productions for being voted one of the top 50 dance studios in U.S. by the prestigious Dance Spirit Magazine for 7th year in a row.! The studio has been voted Edmond's farvoite dance studio by Edmond Sun and Edmond Life and Leisure. We have also received the Readers Choice Award for best dance studi in Oklahoma for 6 years running.

DANCE THROUGH LIFE is my favorite saying and that is what we do.

Welcome to Kim Massay Dance Productions. We offer strong programs in both competitive and noncompetitive areas for the dancer. We have a proven track record of offering the finest instruction anywhere. Our students continue to win regional and national awards, and can be seen in keys roles throughout their schools and the community, which carry them on to their college days and lives beyond. We truly represent dance excellence.

In August, we attend the One Dance Intensive with instructors from Los Angeles and New York City to get us off to a new year. We attend Nuvo Dance and 24/7 conventions every year. We also attend Showbiz, Talent on Parade, and Showstoppers dance competitions. Our competion teams always win top honors at all these events. We also have guest master teachers in thorughout the school year.

Each Christmas KMDP gives back by sponsoring 4 families for Christmas from the Hope Center in Edmond.

You can see KMDP dancers on So You Think You Can Dance, OKC Thunder Raindrops, broadway, tv comercials, music videos, cruise ships, fashion shows, professional, college and high scholl dance teams, dance majors in college, owning their own dance studios, and just dancing through life in anything they do.

I can't describe what a joy it is to teach dance and the happy place this studio is for me. I am thankful for the families and for the friends that I make each year. This job is truly a gift from God and I hope that I can make a positive impact on these children's lives. That is what it is all about. "Dance Through Life" is my favorite saying and that is what we do. No matter if it is in the dance room or in a situation in life, the art and training of dance helps our dancers get through anything. It gives them perseverance, discipline, and the self esteem to get through all things in life.

I am so grateful and it is like a dream to have my three daughters follow in my footsteps and love the dance life. I want to thank Star, Skye, and Stori for being such wonderful teachers. They each have their own niche within the studio. I am so proud of who they have become. The children love them all so much and they are such good role models. It takes all of us to make this studio a success. These girls are my best friends and the greatest accomplishments of my life.

All the parents and kids have truly blessed my life and I thank God for everyone. I love this quote "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain" - Anonymous.

Our own Audrey Case
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